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Custom Orthotic Inserts

A wonderful treatment option available to Patients of Foot Specialists of Birmingham is custom made orthotics. Depending on the type of foot problem you have we can make a device that is placed in the shoes that may alleviate the pain you are experiencing. Often this allows us to avoid surgical intervention.

Many people call these arch supports. However, they are much more involved than a simple arch support. Each one has a specific purpose. They can support the arch, control joint motion in the foot and leg, alter the tension that tendons and ligaments place on the foot, and ease the pain of arthritis. They also have the ability to reduce ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain.

Casting technique is an important part of the process. Once diagnosed with a foot problem, proper positioning of the foot is essential for an effective outcome. There are many different ways that orthotics are made. Recently, computerized methods have become common.

Equally important is the type of material used for the orthotic. There are many different types depending on the foot problem. We try to produce an orthotic that is small enough that it can be used in most shoes. After all, if they don’t fit in your shoes you are not going to use them. We try to assess what type of shoe you are going to be wearing most often and make an orthotic for that type of shoe if possible. Most orthotics can be moved from one pair of shoes to another easily.

If you feel you may benefit from a pair of orthotics please contact us and we would be pleased to give you an evaluation.

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