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Diagnostic Ultrasound for Heel Pain & Neuromas

The Diagnostic Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. It is a noninvasive technique and unlike X-Rays does not use radiation.

The Diagnostic Ultrasound used in our office is a state of the art, high performance scanner that provides superior image quality for confident diagnoses. The ultrasound image is taken by the transducer as it sends out high frequency sound waves into the body and then listens for the returning echoes from the body tissues. The images are immediately visible on a screen that looks like a computer monitor.

It is a useful diagnostic tool because it captures images of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and soft tissue in real-time showing structure and movement as well as blood flowing through the blood vessels.

In Podiatry, Ultrasound images are typically used to help diagnose the following conditions:

  • Ability to locate and measure swelling at particular tissues such as the plantar fascia.
  • Tendon pathologies, such as tears of the achilles tendon.
  • Abnormalities related to soft tissue masses.
  • Identification of stress fractures not visible on X-Rays.
  • Identification of neuromas in the foot.

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