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Prevent and Relieve Bunion Pain

Post: January 10th, 2017

Prevent and Relieve Bunion PainOne of the most frequently asked questions podiatrists get is about the difference between a bunion and a corn. Though both bunions and corns produce bumps on your feet, they are two very different problems.

A corn is a condition involving the skin. Simply put, a corn is a small patch of hardened skin on the top or side of the foot that can be painful and is caused from excess rubbing, friction, or pressure on the skin.

A bunion is not a skin condition at all. Instead, a bunion is a bony bump that occurs on the joint at the base of your big toe. Bunions are formed when the big toe pushes against the second toe, enlarging the joint, and eventually leading to a deformity.

Bunions can lead to a life of pain if not treated properly, but if caught early enough, it is possible to get rid of them without surgery!

Below, we have some tips to help you prevent or relieve bunion pain.

#1: Get New Shoes

More often than not, bunions are caused from tight shoes. If you are experiencing some swelling under your big toe, and noticing some pain, you may have the beginnings of a bunion. How do your shoes fit? Do your toes feel squeezed together? It may be time to switch to roomier shoes! With space for your toes to breathe, your foot may be able to heal itself before the problem gets too serious.

#2: Try Foot Exercises

Like most foot problems, overuse may be the cause of bunions. Are you a fairly active person, or do you stand on your feet all day? If so, it is important to remember to stretch. Stretching your entire body is imperative for great health, but the feet frequently get overlooked. If you have had a problem with bunions, or are worried you may be developing a bunion, it is important you remember to stretch your toes (with extra focus on the big toe) every night before you go to bed.

#3: Apply Ice

Ice cannot necessarily heal a bunion, but it can reduce some of the symptoms. If you already have a bunion that is swelling or causing pain, ice may give you great temporary relief.

#4: Soak

One of the main reasons a bunion forms is because the feet are tired and the circulation is poor. By soaking your feet in a warm bowl of water, you can increase your foot’s circulation (plus, it is very relaxing)! Add some epsom salts to your warm water to help with pain. The magnesium sulfate found in epsom salts works to reduce inflammation!

Relieve Bunion Pain with Surgery in Birmingham

If you try all of these options and still find great discomfort in your daily life, it is important to see a podiatrist. There are many different types of bunion surgeries available and you should discuss your treatment path with a professional.

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