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Pedicure Tips to Avoid Infection

Warmer weather means showing off the toes, and showing off the toes means getting pedicures! Here are a few ways to protect your feet from infections.

Pedicure Tips to Avoid Infections

The weather is getting warmer and it’s almost time for the toes to come out! Summer is the perfect season to show off a new pedicure - but there’s not a perfect season for infection.

You may be reveling in how soft and clean your feet feel after a pedicure, but maybe you’re not paying attention to the nail technician’s hygiene routines. Some of the health risks associated with pedicures include MRSA (Methicillin Staphylococcus Aureus), antibiotic-resistant staph infection, and fungal infections. Here are a few ways to reduce your risk while still enjoying your summer pedicures.

1) Check It Out

Before getting serviced at a nail spa or salon, check it out. It may look clean from the front of the store, but take the time to look at the nail technician stations. Look at the pedicure chairs. Even check out the bathrooms. Make sure to watch the technicians in between clients. Are the tools, stations, and foot baths cleaned and sterilized in between each client? These are things that you should watch out for before receiving a pedicure. The spa may be nicely decorated or have lavender scents in the air, but what really makes the difference is the shop’s hygiene.

2) Stay Out of Crowds

Another aspect to look out for is how crowded the salon is. Even if the technicians at a nail spa thoroughly clean their tools and footbaths between each customer, the likelihood that you’ll dip your foot into some bacteria increases with the number of customers in the spa at one time. Some of the best times to visit the nail spa is in the early morning on weekdays. The spa will be less crowded and the tools and tubs will not have been heavily used.

3) Stop the Bubbles

It’s tempting to want to experience a soothing foot bath with soaking salts and jet produced bubbles. Unfortunately those bubbles come with a cost. Standard pedicure tubs are havens for bacteria growth. Even if they are thoroughly cleaned after each use, bacteria can still hide inside of the jets. Once they’re turned on, the sneaky bacteria makes its ways into the water that your feet are in. Your best options are to either visit a salon with tubs that have protective lining over the jets, or skip out on the bubbles all together.

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