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Keep Your Feet Safe on Spring Break

Post: March 27th, 2017

Keep Your Feet Safe on Spring BreakWalking barefoot in the sand feels amazing, and if you’ve got plans to hit the beach for Spring Break, you’re probably already thinking about it! However, for all its beauty, the beach poses several threats to your feet – and if you’re not ready to combat them, you could find yourself limping through the sand instead of walking!

Check Before You Step

As you’re walking along the beach, it can be tempting to stare out at the ocean – but be sure you’re watching for potential hazards in your path! Shells can be very sharp, but there may also be pieces of glass or metal hidden in the sand.

If your foot gets cut on one of these hazards, it can quickly become infected (especially when sand is involved) and become a serious problem. Watch where you’re going before you put your foot down! This is especially true if you have diabetes and are at a heightened risk for complications from cuts.

Plantar Fasciitis? Wear Good Shoes!

If you frequently suffer from plantar fasciitis, don’t opt for flip-flops when it’s time to hit the beach. Instead, choose an inexpensive slip-on with an extra insole. When you’re done walking, remove the insole and dust all the sand out of the shoes so that they dry completely. A damp insole can grow bacteria!

Protect Feet from the Sun

You’re probably pretty good about keeping sunscreen on during a day at the beach, but a lot of people forget to reapply to their feet! Water and sand can cause sunscreen to wear off faster on your feet and ankles if you’re walking along the beach, so be sure to keep a thick layer applied throughout the day.

Keep Your Feet Safe on Spring Break – Call the Foot Specialists!

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