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Foot Safety Tips

Post: January 22nd, 2018

Getting fit is on just about everyone’s New Year's resolution list! Before joining a gym, take a look at these tips for foot and ankle safety.

Foot Safety

Foot Safety While Exercising

There is no doubt that almost everyone has “get fit” as one of their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, it seems that January is national diet and gym membership month! But as you’re improving your physical health, it’s important to consider your foot health as well. Foot and ankle safety in the gym is important so you can keep your feet in tip-top shape and fulfill your fitness goals for 2018.

Start Workouts Gradually

If you’re not used to working out, it’s important to take your first few workouts slow. Overuse injuries are common if you don’t gradually build your stamina. If you can, seek a professional’s opinion about what exercises you should be doing as a beginner. If you don’t have access to a trainer, be sure to only lift small weights and not exercise extensively during your first workout. If not, you’ll increase your risk of stress fractures or ligament sprains.

Wear the Right Footwear

Wearing the right footwear is also important for foot and ankle safety. Well-fitted athletic shoes are the best for exercising. Shoes that don’t support the arch or provide proper heel cushion, like flats or sandals, can cause cause pain and injuries such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Even ill-fitted athletic shoes can cause problems. Shoes that don’t fit can cause you to slip on an exercise machine, leading to bigger injuries.

Practice Good Technique

Practicing good technique is crucial for a good workout, but it’s also crucial for a safe workout. Before using a machine in the gym or lifting weights, ask professionals that work there about the proper techniques when using the equipment. Improper exercise techniques can result in injury. These injuries commonly occur in the tendons and ligaments in your feet and ankles, leading to joint sprains or muscle strains.

Protect Your Feet Against Bacteria

The gym has a number of bacteria, fungus, and virus breeding grounds. Public showers, pool decks, exercise equipment, and sweaty shoes are all places that bacteria can hide. Be sure to never go barefoot (especially if you have an open sore) in public gyms.

Listen to Your Body

When working out, be sure not to ignore what your body is telling you. If you injure your foot or ankle, don’t ignore the pain. Stop your workout immediately and tend to your injury. Working out with an injury can further damage your foot or ankle.

Foot Specialists of Birmingham Can Take Care of Your Feet in 2018

In addition to improving your physical health, make a resolution in 2018 to improve your foot health. The Foot Specialists of Birmingham can help take care of your feet in the new year. Contact us today!


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