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Diabetic Foot Care Routine

Post: February 28th, 2018

You have to take extra care of your feet when you have diabetes. Diabetes causes can cause nerve damage and low blood flow to your feet, but preventing some of the severe problems associated with diabetes is as easy as adding a few extra steps to your morning routine! Here are three key steps to add to your routine to maintain the health of your feet.

Diabetic Foot Care Routine

1) Check

The most crucial step to add to your morning routine is to check your feet. Give your feet a good examination every day. The nerves in your feet could become damaged because of diabetes, making it less likely for you to notice a foot ailment. Check the sides, soles, and toes. If you notice something strange, see your doctor. Diabetic patients that regularly see their doctor reduce the risk of foot amputation.

2) Wash

Wash your feet every day to keep out harmful bacteria and fungi. Only use warm water, though; you may not be able to feel how hot the water is, so don’t try to take a hot shower or bath. Test the water’s temperature with your hands first. Be sure to use mild soap and completely dry your feet afterwards.

3) Moisturize

High glucose levels can cause dry and cracked skin. If you have cracked skin on your feet, it’s a lot easier for bacteria and other harmful substances to get into your body. To prevent cracking, keep your feet moisturized. Only use a small amount of lotion so your feet are still dry and not wet or sticky. Try not to get lotion between your toes.

Foot Specialists of Birmingham

The most important aspect of diabetic foot care is regularly seeing a professional. Your risk of complications reduces significantly the more often you see a foot specialist, and we would be happy to be the podiatrist you need!

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